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U.S. imposes Covid testing requirements on travelers from China!

The United States will require all travelers from China to show a negative Covid-19 test before boarding flights to the U.S., federal health officials announced Wednesday, citing concerns about a surge of Covid infections in China and a lack of transparency from Chinese government officials about how widespread that country’s outbreak is. 

“We know these measures will not eliminate all risk or completely prevent people who are infected from entering the United States,” a federal health official said Wednesday during a media briefing, but added that the steps will limit the number of infected people entering the country.

The new rules apply to all travelers over two years old, including American citizens, and applies to all travelers regardless of vaccination status. It also applies to travelers who transit through China on their way to the U.S. The new requirements will take effect at 12:01 a.m. ET on Jan. 5, to give airlines time to implement them. 

The move comes as Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from Covid reportedly have exploded in China following the country’s relaxation of Covid rules after many months of a “zero-Covid” strategy. U.S. health officials are especially concerned about widespread infection because so few Chinese citizens have been infected and are considered “immunologically naive.” “We are forecasting there will be a large number of infections leading to hospitalizations and death in China,” the health official said. 

Passengers can submit results from a PCR test or an approved antigen test taken via a monitored telehealth appointment. Travelers who tested positive for Covid recently and ten days before their flight, can submit documentation of their infection and recovery to be able to fly.

The restrictions apply to travelers departing from China, and also to passengers flying through gateway airports popular among travelers from China, including Vancouver, Toronto and Seoul. China currently requires travelers arriving from the U.S. to submit negative Covid tests taken within 48 hours of departure. 

  • This info was Copy/Pasted from a News Article.

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