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Mexico Scare!

We’ve been receiving messages regarding Mexico.

We’ve traveled all over the World and we send our clients to locations that we we’re familiar with. Please stop booking Airbnb’s in cities and countries that you know Nothing about. Sometimes the Cheaper Way “IS NOT” the Best Way.

(Safety First)

As far as Mexico…. We ONLY Book All Inclusive Resorts in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen and Los Cabos. We also book your Roundtrip Transfers and etc… Our Advice to our clients is to: Go through the airport and straight to your Transfer Company, once you get to the resort, Stay on the resort! Only go on excursions that are booked through the Travel Advisor or the Resort. You will have to be signed out when leaving the Resort and signed back in when you return to the Resort. Once you’re on the Resort, you are their responsibility. If you leave the resort with someone you meet at the airport or etc…. You’re on your own. Please adhere to our advice and STAY SAFE!

If you need assistance booking your vacation, Contact us! (844)BUDAFLY

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