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Updated: Jul 15

To receive ALL INFORMATION on Passports, please visit . If you would like to go to a Post Ofice, visit and make an appointment, or you can check with your Local Courthouse to see if they have Passport Services.

The Passport Application will be online, (Fill out ALL the information) If you filled the form out online, print it out and take it to your appointment.

For your appointment, you will need your Drivers License or State ID AND your Birth Certificate. Your Birth Certificate needs to be up to par... No tears, stains nor laminated.

If you are applying for a minor that's Under 16, the Parents that are on the Birth Certificate Must Be Present. If one of the parents are in jail, deceased or etc... you will be advised on what to do. (Make sure you let them know).

If you're flying to an International Location, you will need a passport book, they are $130. The Passports sometimes take 7-10 weeks to come back but, you can Expedite your Service for an additional $60, and they're taking anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Check with your appointment location to find out their fee for you to apply.

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